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Pediatric Urology Program

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Pediatric Urology at UCLA

Parents looking for answers to their child’s genitourinary problems will find the most advanced, family-friendly pediatric urology treatment services available at the Clark-Morrison Children's Urological Center at UCLA.

Pediatric Urology at UCLAFrom the simplest to the most complex conditions, the Center addresses urologic problems such as obstructed kidneys, urinary tract infections, undescended testes, bedwetting, spina bifida and more.

With Your Child in Mind

The Center provides a comprehensive approach to pediatric urology care. Our goal is to minimize your child's discomfort and stress while streamlining the diagnostic and treatment process. In many cases, parents can obtain a treatment recommendation on their first visit. The Center offers extensive use of noninvasive diagnostic testing and treatments, including minimally invasive robotic procedures, whenever possible and a multidisciplinary approach to pediatric urology care.

Established in 1995, The UCLA Pediatric Urology Program offers the latest advances in diagnostic and treatment services, as well as patient education. Services are provided in the state-of-the-art Clark-Morrison Children's Urological Center, which offers a child-friendly approach to pediatric urology care.

Unique Treatments

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Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA, Recognized Among the Nation's Best Pediatric Hospitals.
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As a part of the Department of Urology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, the Center offers many diagnostic testing and treatment services developed - and found only at - UCLA. Pediatric urologists at the Center work in consultation with radiologists, orthopaedists, endocrinologists, nephrologists, neurosurgeons and specialized pediatric nurses to provide care for children with urologic conditions. A radiologist is located in an adjacent clinic, allowing for easily scheduled concurrent appointments. Bernard Churchill, M.D., Professor, Section Chief for Pediatric Urology, and Steven Lerman, M.D.,FAAP, Associate Professor, and Jennifer Sandra Singer, M.D., Assistant Professor, direct the program.

Compassionate Care

In 1999, a grant from the Wallis Foundation of Santa Barbara funded the development of the Spina Bifida Center to help children with this condition become healthy, independent adults. In addition to workshops for parents, the project included the development of the My Spina Bifida Handbook, which provides a wealth of knowledge and resources for patients and parents alike. It is published in English with a Spanish companion text underway.

UCLA Pediatric Urology Innovations

The UCLA Pediatric Urology Program has developed numerous innovations in pediatric surgery including cystoplasty, pyeloplasty, management of ureteral reflux and hypospadias. A unique approach to hypospadias repair incorporates a dartos flap (which reinforces the repair). Faculty members developed the CIPI urodynamic system, which has become the gold standard for urodynamic studies. CIPI simultaneously tests and images the emptying, storage, and holding capability of the lower urinary tract, presenting color-coded results via computer.

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Patient Story

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Teri Parcon was looking forward to the birth of her son, Dexter, when a routine prenatal ultrasound revealed some bad news: Her baby had end-stage renal disease, a condition resulting in severely limited kidney function and requiring either dialysis or transplantation to ensure survival.

Our renowned pediatric urology faculty members work side by side with research scientists in the quest for new cures and treatments for prostate, kidney and bladder cancer; pelvic floor disorders; incontinence; genitourinary tract conditions; as well as male and female sexual dysfunction.

Our goal is to provide you with fast, easy access to the physicians and services at UCLA. For assistance in determining which UCLA urologist(s) may have expertise to help you, please call the Urology Appointment phone number:
(310) 794-7700

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